Heavy machinery and project transportation worldwide

Heavier, bigger, out of the ordinary? – No problem for the MONFREIGHT team of experts. Many years of experience and our employees‘ dedication ensure the trouble-free transport of every kind of heavy machinery transport or project – worldwide. We take car of the complete planning right up to the place of destination: including assembly, if so desired. MONFREIGHT finds the appropriate means of transport for each project. Whether it be a special container, break-bulk, special vehicles, Roll-on/Roll-off or a combination of all these.

Monfreight Projects

• Planning and execution of project transportation worldwide
• Multimodal transport with feasibility study
• Material management, monitoring deadlines and status reports
• Handling authorization procedures as well as customs clearance
• Packing solutions for all kinds of products, sizes, shapes and forms
• Sea freight via scheduled and charter services
• Air freight via scheduled carriers and charter services
• Special transport on road, rail and inland waterways
• Setting up feasibility studies (upon request)
• Courier Services

Monfreight Roll-on / Roll-off

• Dismantling and reassembly of machinery
• Degas of AC Units
• Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSIs), pan-European
• Machinery Condition Reports (MCRs) and surveys
• Transportation insurance
• Dispatch of all customs formalities (Export/Import)
• Steam Cleaning to North American, New Zealand and Australian
(DAFF Biosecurity/AQIS) quarantine standards
• Door to door transportation including special equipment
• Escrow service